3, 2, 1… let the fireworks begin! Make your first wish of the New Year as a breathtaking fireworks display fills the night sky with colourful bursts of magic in a remastered version of “The Sparkling WISHES of Disney New Year’s Eve” show. As the clock counts down to midnight, a festive ballet under the stars adds even more magic to this enchanting show, a moment to share with friends and family that you’ll cherish forever!

Disney Characters on stage! See beloved Disney Characters on stage with exclusive performances throughout Disneyland Park. Join Goofy for a country-style soirée, Mickey and friends for a fun disco party, relive the adventures of Peter Pan, Baloo, Aladdin and Mary Poppins,, feel like royalty at a grand ball in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, and dream bigger than ever with Minnie, lighting up your heart!

Celebrate with Disney friends at a fun-filled nighttime parade! Mickey and his 30th Anniversary troupe have invited many new Disney and Pixar friends to come celebrate the New Year in the most wonderful and fantastic way! Don’t miss this colourful and musical celebration that invites you to laugh harder, open your hearts and believe in your dreams!

Disney New Year’s Eve Dance Party

Get ready for an energetic Disney New Year’s Eve Dance Party in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle and feel the beat of Disney’s greatest hits specially remixed to celebrate this wonderful moment until the end of the night!

Revel in the once-in-a-lifetime 30th Anniversary magic! The joyful daytime show “Dream… and Shine Brighter!” specially created for the 30th Anniversary will return exclusively for a nighttime special! And for even more magic, prepare to be wowed as the Disney D-Light spectacular illuminates the night sky over Sleeping Beauty Castle!

Attractions open ’til 2am!

Ride attractions into the early hours of 2023! The magic of the holiday season continues with an experience unique to this special evening!